Control-It Natural Nail Biting & Thumb Sucking Solution | 100% Natural –

Control-It Natural Nail Biting & Thumb Sucking Solution | 100% Natural Kid Safe Bitter Taste Deterrent | Gentle on Skin, Teeth, Nails & Fingers | Kids, Adults & Teens | Easy to Apply | New 1.5 oz. Tube

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  • BREAK THE HABIT FOR GOOD - Stop Biting Nails, Thumb Sucking and Chewing on Painful Cuticles Today! Works effectively for kids and adults to help allow nails to grow healthier and discourage putting fingers in your mouth. Our super effective natural cream instantly starts working to help you break the habit once and for all.
  • NATURAL BITTERNESS YET SAFE FORMULA - Stop the bad habits of thumbsucking and nail biting in their tracks. There is no escaping the consequences of putting your fingers in your mouth after the treatment has been applied. Our natural cream has enough bitterness deterrent, but will not make you sick. Recommended by Pediatricians, Dentists, Speech Therapists & Orofacial Myologists.
  • QUICK & EASY RESULTS - Control-It helps keep hands out of the mouth and keep up your nail care. Control-It ensures quick and easy results with an effective end to your bad habit within 3 weeks of using our natural nail cream daily. Let us help you say goodbye to the bad habit of biting nails and thumb sucking.
  • EFFECTIVE INGREDIENTS - Crafted with all-natural ingredients, our thumb sucking cream provides safe support for babies, toddlers, teens and adults alike. A bitter flavored deterrent that helps break the annoying and often painful nail biting or thumb sucking habit for a person of any age. Proudly Tested, Developed, & Manufactured In The USA.
  • LONG LASTING & EFFECTIVE - Control-It has been designed to achieve a prolonged effect hours after initial application, a little goes a long way! The process is quick & easy, simply apply the cream 1-2 times per day and reapply every day for up to 3 weeks. The perfect solution to discourage bad habits.