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6 disgusting habits that have a scary impact on your health

There's a good chance that you're guilty of at least one gross habit, whether it's grinding your teeth or picking your nose. But grossing people out is not the only thing you should be concerned about when it comes to your ick-inducing habit. Fixations such as picking your pimples or biting your nails, could potentially lead to some serious — and scary — health issues.

Biting your nails could cause "permanent disfigurement."

Another common habit that some people have is nail-biting. According to Zeichner, this is more than just a gross fixation and could lead to the loss of the nail itself.

"Biting your nails and your cuticles can increase your likelihood of developing infections of the fingers," Zeichner said.

He added that the most common problem is called paronychia, a skin infection near the nails that can effect just one or all of them. Additionally, your fingers may become red, tender, and swollen, and may end up developing pus around the nail, Zeichner said. Chronic paronychia, which keeps coming back, can cause the cuticle to breakdown and the nail to separate from the skin, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians.

"This can lead to permanent disfigurement or loss of the nail itself," Zeichner said. "If untreated and the infection spread[s], it may even [sic] infect the bone of the finger."